DeRozan’s Magic Weekend

All-star weekend may have been a dream come true for DeRozan, and he had a terrific break, but he’ll also be returning to a dream.

DeMar DeRozan had the best all-star break he could have. We hold this fact to be controvertible, because incontrovertible truths aren’t doing so hot these days, but this is still probably as truthy as it gets. Exhibit A:

Yes, Kyle Lowry looks beautiful and is better dressed than George Clooney, but DeRozan looks like a god damn Armani Neo. He’s gorgeous. I don’t know what those shoes are (seriously, I’ve tried to figure it out – what are they?), but I want them. He has a throat button and shiny (and I’m assuming velvet) vest. Not to mention a knee-length jacket. His black on black on black style puts Steph Curry to shame. Dude is as fly as Lowry, but way more imaginative. DeRozan even found a way to be rock fire on the court as well, with his Undefeated Kobe 1s, mismatched with red and green camo kicks.

This should be evidence enough. But there’s so much more. DeRozan began his weekend putting in work – helping build a new playground – at Jefferson Elementary in Compton, through NBA Cares. That’s amazing, especially as DeRozan – originally a native of Compton – has come full circle in returning as a celebrity. In DeMar’s own words, his being there was a blessing. On all-star Saturday night, DeRozan was able to have himself a time despite not competing in any of the events. He was introduced with the one and only Snoop Dogg on Saturday night. He sat with Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka during the 3-point competition, and he even got a belly laugh at Kyle after his miserable performance. More importantly, he was rocking some sort of classy all-white sweatsuit:

Photograph by Robert Beck

On Sunday, DeRozan was occassionally thought to be out of place in the all-star game, even by (somehow) prominent media. Haters were proved wrong, as dude belonged. He received dimes from Lowry all night on cuts, hit euro-stepping layups, got to the free throw line (obviously), dunked lefty down the lane, and even hit over Kemba Walker from the midrange for fun. His 21 points were tied for second-most in the game. He hit an early 3 for those doubting his range!

If outerwear and on-court performance aren’t enough for you, DeRozan even had a heartwarming narrative on his side. For those of you who haven’t read Mark Kriegal’s profile of the all-star (you should), his father Frank DeRozan has long been a driving voice for his son, ever since he used to batter a young DeMar in games of 1-on-1 in the driveway. DeRozan has visited his ailing father throughout the season, discreetly slipping out to Los Angeles, while making sure he didn’t any games. Frank returned the love and made it to the all-star game.

Of course, DeRozan is the hometown kid, returning to Los Angeles for the largest home court advantage he’ll ever have outside of Toronto. Playing in the glitzy lights of Los Angeles must be a trip, man. DeRozan was true to form, showing up at every level to show he belonged. He was a star amongst stars in a city and on a court over-populated by them.

Of course, DeRozan will return to Toronto soon, and he’ll lead his Raptors against Milwaukee on Friday. The Raptors are 41-16, riding a 7 game winning streak, and better than the franchise has ever been. All-star weekend may have been a dream come true for DeRozan, and he had a terrific break, but he’ll also be returning to a dream.

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