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Aaron Best scores 44 and 49 in G League Dunk Contest

Should have been a 3-man final.

Courtesy: @Raptors905

Photo courtesy: @Raptors905

Raptors 905 guard and Ryerson alum Aaron Best brought a little Canadian content (and USports representation, stand up) to Sunday’s G League Dunk Contest, finishing third out of five dunkers and coming within a single point of making the finals.

Best’s first dunk was a baseline dunk over DeQuan Jones, grabbing the ball from him and delivering a pump in tight space, with a little backboard tap after for good measure. 905 head coach Jerry Stackhouse was among the judges but showed no favoritism here, giving Best the same “9” he got from all but one judge for a total of 44. That was good for a three-way tie for the best score through one dunk.

For his second dunk, Best took a pass off the side of the backboard for a big windmill but only earned a 49, much to his dismay with the judges. The man is 6-foot-4 and he’s up here where he could probably smooch the rim if the mood struck.

Maybe Best shouldn’t have helped Jones with a good pass off the backboard for Jones’ second dunk, as that helped Jones earn a 50. Jones and Michael Bryson both totaled 94 to Best’s 93, knocking Best out in the first round. Given what I’ve seen Best do just in warmups before, I can’t help but wonder if he saved his best dunk for a potential finals dunk-off.

Ike Nwamu and Ike Iroegbu were also eliminated. Jones and Bryson will compete in the finals at halftime of the G League international showcase later this afternoon.

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