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Raptors 905 waive 3, 4 Canadians make 12-man roster

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Raptors 905 have waived Jamaal Brantley, Eric Washington, and Liam McMorrow, the team announced Monday.

The cuts come following the team’s second and final preseason game and ahead of Tuesday’s media day. The team had until Thursday to make their decision, but doing it now avoids any awkwardness of players going through media day right before being waived and allows them to move forward trying to find their next situation (and maybe being claimed on waivers by another G-League team.

McMorrow, a 30-year old Canadian best known for his time in the NBL, was the team’s second-round pick this year. Washington and Brantley were both third-round picks.

This trims the roster to 12, where it can remain from here. The roster is comprised of two two-way players, one affiliate player, three returning rights players, one draft pick, a player acquired in a draft-day trade, and four players who made the team as local tryout players, the most in franchise history. Here’s a look at the roster by means of acquisition.

Two-Way: Lorenzo Brown, Malcolm Miller
Affiliate: Kennedy Meeks (Exhibit 10; will receive $50K bonus if with team 60 days)
Returning Rights: Edy Tavares, Negus Webster-Chan, Davion Berry (Exhibit 10; will receive $50K bonus if with team 60 days)
Draft: Kethan Savage (1st round)
Trade: Aaron Best
Local Tryout: Kaza Keane, Andre Washington, Richard Amardi, Roger Moute a Bidias

The team also includes a franchise-record four Canadians in Best, Keane, Webster-Chan, and Amardi. Kyle Wiltjer was initially on the camp roster, too, but signed in Greece on Sunday instead. The 905 can still adjust their roster before Sunday’s season opener, but barring a trade or waiver claim, this is the 12 they’ll move forward with.

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